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  • Man tells deputies he killed his wife

    Published On: Aug 31 2015 08:50:28 AM EDT   Updated On: Aug 31 2015 07:21:29 PM EDT

    Man tells deputies he killed his wife

    UNICOI COUNTY, Tenn. -

    An elderly man flagged down a Unicoi County sheriff’s deputy and told him, he thought he'd just killed his wife. Now, Norman McKinney, is charged with first degree murder.

    Sheriff Mike Hensley said the encounter with the deputy happened Sunday afternoon near the couple’s home on Masters Street in Erwin.

    McKinney, 76, led deputies inside. They found May McKinney, 81, shot in the head. She died overnight at the hospital.

    McKinney had said he was arguing with his wife over money and pointed a gun at her. Then, she slapped his hand and the gun went off.

    Sunday, he was taken into custody. Monday, he was charged and being held on $300,000 bond.

  • 2 arrests for prostitution in Downtown Bristol

    Published On: Sep 02 2015 11:54:40 AM EDT   Updated On: Sep 02 2015 12:39:17 PM EDT

    Arrested: Zachary David McCord and Amy M. Walters

    Numerous complaints in downtown Bristol over the summer led to an investigation and surveillance. Now, two people are under arrest for prostitution.

    The Bristol Virginia Police Department's Vice and Narcotics Division arrested Zachary David McCord of Abingdon. They said on July 21, he solicited an undercover detective and offered $100 cash for numerous sexual acts to be performed. He was arrested and released on an unsecured bond.

    Then, on August 28, Amy M. Walters of Bristol, VA, waved down an undercover detective and offered to perform a number of sexual acts for $100. The money exchanged hands and Walters was arrested and held on a $2000 bond.

    Both were both charged under VA Code Section 18.2-346 Prostitution, a Class 1 Misdemeanor.

  • Man charged with rape of a child

    Published On: Sep 02 2015 11:39:21 AM EDT   Updated On: Sep 02 2015 11:41:47 AM EDT

    Charged: Wayne Yelton

    A 66-year-old man is under arrest for rape of a child.

    Wayne Yelton was indicted by a Sullivan County Grand Jury last week and charged with rape of a child, aggravated sexual battery, and incest.

    He was arrested Tuesday.

    Yelton is being held on a $100,000 bond.

  • UPDATE: Missing man returned home

    Published On: Sep 01 2015 10:33:28 AM EDT   Updated On: Sep 01 2015 11:00:00 AM EDT

    Missing: Larry Edwin Petro

    UPDATE 11:10am: Police say Larry Edwin Petry has just returned home safely from his fishing trip .


    Police in Pound, Virginia, are asking for help finding a missing man who was supposed to travel to Johnson City, who they think may be in danger.

    He’s 65-year-old Larry Edwin Petro. He’s described as 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing 200 pounds, with long black hair and brown eyes.

    He was driving a red Ford F250 with Virginia license plate KAM-3818, hauling a pontoon boat.

    Petro was reported missing at about 2pm Monday. On Thursday, he took off to go fishing in Johnson City, at Jay’s Boat Dock on Boone Lake on Pickens Bridge Road. He was expected back on Saturday, but didn’t return.

    Petro is believed to be in danger because of illnesses, disabilities, and not having his medications with him.

    If you see  Larry Edwin Petro, you’re asked to call Pound police at 276-298-6068 or the Wise County Sheriff’s Office at 276-328-3756.

  • One dead, one injured in Smyth County shooting

    Published On: Oct 22 2012 12:55:22 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 22 2012 06:02:20 PM EDT
    CHILHOWIE, Va. -

    We have breaking news at this hour -- Smyth County Sheriff David Bradley tells us there has been a shooting on Sunrise Lane in Chilhowie, Virginia.

    We're told one person has died and another person has been taken to Johnson City Medical Center, but there is no word on that person's condition.

    Police are on the scene trying to figure out what happened.

    We do have a crew on the scene and will bring you updates tonight on News 5 WCYB at online at

  • Bristol lawyer sentenced to prison for stealing from firm

    Published On: Sep 01 2015 04:19:03 PM EDT

    A Bristol bankruptcy attorney who stole more than $160,000 from his firm is going to federal prison.

    Tony Michael Hutchinson was sentenced to four months of incarceration and ordered to pay $160,647 in restitution. Also, he’ll serve two years of supervised release after prison.

    Hutchinson, 52, had pleaded guilty to a one count of wire fraud.

    The feds say he worked for a law firm in Bristol, Virginia, and then Kingsport. He was the only lawyer there who actively practiced bankruptcy law and the bankruptcy practice was somewhat separate from other operations of the firm.

    According to U.S. Attorney Anthony Giorno, when clients retained the law firm to file bankruptcy petitions for them, Hutchinson collected initial payments of approximately $500 to $1,000. The money was supposed to be used, among other things, to pay bankruptcy filing fees. Hutchinson didn’t deposit it into the firm’s trust account to pay bankruptcy filing fees. Instead, from 2007 through 2012, he charged an additional $50 fee per client to cover expenses and kept those fees, totaling more than $60,000 for himself.

    Then, beginning about 2013, Hutchinson received the initial payments from clients as cash and blank money orders, did not deposit the funds into the trust account, did not record the payments on the firm’s books, and used most of the money for his personal purposes. In 2013 and 2014, Hutchinson stole over $70,000 from those funds.

    Also according to Giorno, to keep the scheme going, Hutchinson used the firm’s credit card account to pay the client’s bankruptcy filing fees in the bankruptcy court for the Western District of Virginia. He fraudulently used the firm’s credit card for more than $70,000 in bankruptcy filing fees that should have been paid from the initial payments collected from clients.

  • Sullivan County home destroyed, but people and pets made it out safely

    Published On: Sep 01 2015 01:55:36 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 01 2015 06:02:45 PM EDT

    Members of several fire departments worked for hours, Tuesday afternoon, but were not able to save a house in Sullivan County.

    A News 5 WCYB crew sent back a picture from the smoky scene on Old Stage Trail, off Highway 126 near Blountville.

    Avoca chief David Taylor said the house had been burning for some time before they arrived.

    We're told two parents, three kids, and two dogs all made it out safely.

    Nobody was hurt and there’s no word yet on a cause.

  • Drug overdoses claim more lives in Tenn.

    Published On: Sep 01 2015 10:07:53 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 01 2015 11:13:01 PM EDT

    The number of Tennesseans who die each year due to drug overdoses is on the rise. That's according to a recent report released by the state health department.

    In 2013, there were 1,166 deaths. In 2014, that total rose by nearly 100. According to the report, 91 of Tennessee's 95 counties had at least one death attributed to drug overdose, providing evidence of a statewide problem.

    The report also states, opioids are one of the most over-abused drugs. Researcher Angela Hagaman said Tennessee is behind in promoting naloxone, an opioid overdose  antidote, which can be used to save lives.

    "States around us - North Carolina, Virginia - they've had a little bit of a jump start," Hagaman said. "They have catchy names - Project Revive, Project Lazarus - and they also have kits ready so that agencies are able to pass out Naloxone kits and give training, and in Tennessee, we're not really ready for that."

    Hagaman also works with the Carter County Drug Prevention Coalition. She said they've just received a state grant to promote naloxone training awareness and training in the community.

    Below is a breakdown of overdose deaths in counties in our region, reported to the state:

    Greene: 19

    Sullivan: 44

    Washington: 25

    For the full report, visit the Tennessee Department of Health's site:

  • Smyth County residents are upset about railroad bridge closure

    Published On: Sep 01 2015 06:34:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 01 2015 06:49:41 PM EDT

    Smyth County residents are upset about railroad bridge closure

  • N.J. day care workers ran ‘fight club’

    Published On: Sep 02 2015 02:11:56 AM EDT

    Two New Jersey daycare workers are accused of making children fight each other for their own amusement.  Authorities say they made videos of the scuffles and shared the video with friends.

  • Rep. Phil Roe on what he was asked at town hall, what to expect in DC

    Published On: Sep 01 2015 06:17:58 PM EDT

    Rep. Phil Roe on what he was asked at town hall, what to expect in DC

  • Reward for horse 'Tiny Tim' stolen over the weekend

    Published On: Sep 02 2015 10:29:31 AM EDT

    Reward for horse 'Tiny Tim' stolen over the weekend

  • Man catches fish with drone

    Published On: Sep 01 2015 08:57:17 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 01 2015 10:38:35 PM EDT

    Usually fish stories are about the one that got away. This one is about the one that got caught – using a drone.

  • Wednesday Afternoon's StormTrack 5 Forecast: 09-02-15

    Published On: Sep 02 2015 12:25:27 PM EDT

    Lots to talk about between college football, high school football, and Labor Day Weekend.  Meteorologist Chris Michaels has your forecast for all of the above.

  • Wednesday Morning's StormTrack 5 Forecast: 09-02-15

    Published On: Sep 02 2015 07:08:39 AM EDT

    Meteorologist Chris Michaels says summer is extending its stay in the area in his StormTrack 5 forecast.

  • Man tells deputies he killed his wife

    Published On: Aug 31 2015 07:20:34 PM EDT

    Man tells deputies he killed his wife