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  • One dead, one in custody after shooting in Pound, Va.

    By Olivia Caridi,
    Published On: Sep 29 2014 10:48:55 AM CDT
    Updated On: Sep 29 2014 04:42:41 PM CDT

    A man is dead and a person of interest is in custody after a fatal shooting at a residence in Pound, Va.

    POUND, Va. -

    One man is dead and a person of interest is in custody after a shooting that happened at a residence early Monday morning in Pound, Virginia.

    The person, as the mother told News 5, is 15 years old and shot and killed his older brother in self-defense.

    We talked to a witness who says this was a tragic incident in a relatively quiet neighborhood. Carolyn Baker says she was getting her children ready for school around 7 a.m. when her dog started barking.

    She says she went to the door, where a lady was standing. The woman asked if she would use Baker's phone to call the police. The elderly woman lives a few houses down on Riverside Drive.

    The woman told Baker she needed to call police because her 24-year-old grandson was trying to set a fire in a bedroom. When police arrived, the woman walked back to her house with help from Baker - just about the same time the shooting occurred.

    "About that time, a young lady, a young girl carrying a child, came running up the road and she was screaming that so and so had shot so and so," Baker says. She was later told to come to the scene, where she learned what happened between the 24-year-old and his 15-year-old brother. "I was told that the 15-year-old shot and killed the 24-year-old," Baker said.

    Pound, Virginia Police told News 5 the man was shot several times in the abdomen. We talked to the mother of the 15-year-old off camera, and she said the boy shot in self-defense.

    Baker didn't know the family well, but she says it was a situation that could have been prevented. There is no word yet on what led up to the shooting.

    Pound Police say the investigation is still ongoing and that the boy in custody has not been charged with anything at this time.

  • Ark. slaying suspect wanted to plead guilty

    By By Ed Payne and Eliott C. McLaughlin CNN
    Published On: Sep 30 2014 04:09:50 AM CDT
    Updated On: Sep 30 2014 12:45:47 PM CDT

    The man accused of killing an Arkansas real estate agent tells reporters he's sorry and "I just want this all over with."

    (CNN) -

    Arron Lewis, the suspect in the abduction and slaying of Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter, told reporters Tuesday that he pleaded not guilty to the charges only because his lawyer told him to. He said he wanted to plead guilty because he just wanted "this to be over with."

    Carter's body was found in a shallow grave near Cabot, about 20 miles northeast of central Little Rock, the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office said early Tuesday.

    As Lewis was escorted out of court Tuesday, he told reporters, including CNN affiliate KARK, that he wanted to plead guilty to the charges of kidnapping and capital murder, adding, "I just want this all over with."

    Asked if he would have pleaded guilty even facing the death penalty, which the sheriff's office said prosecutors will seek, he nodded in agreement.

    "I'm just sorry it all happened," Lewis said. "I just want it all over with."

    The 33-year-old from Jacksonville, Arkansas, was arrested by authorities Monday.

    "Lewis admitted ... to kidnapping Beverly Carter, but would not divulge her whereabouts," the sheriff's office said. After he was booked into the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility, investigators said they obtained information that led them to the property where the grave was located.

    Lewis gave peculiar statements to reporters as he was led on a perp walk Monday night.

    On video from CNN affiliates KTHV and KARK, police are shown leading Lewis, in shackles and dark prison scrubs, to a police car. Reporters ask him if he killed Carter. Twice, he says that he didn't.

    "I had a co-defendant. I haven't seen her for two days. Now, they're showing pictures of this. I haven't seen her," he says.

    Asked to explain, Lewis repeats that he "had" a co-defendant and provides a man's name, saying he's in the military.

    Questioned about his and the co-defendant's relationship, he says, "He's got texts back and forth to me and him, and then they wanted my phone."

    "Why Beverly?" a reporter asks.

    "She was a rich broker," Lewis responds.

    Asked if he has anything to say to Carter's family, he twice says, "Sorry."

    As officers place Lewis in the backseat of a squad car, a reporter asks again, "Why Beverly?"

    "Because she was just a woman who worked alone, a rich broker," Lewis says.

    As the car door is closed, Lewis is asked one more time if he killed Carter, and again, he replies, "No."

    Carter vanished last week when she went to show a home in the small community of Scott.

    The family released a statement thanking those who had joined in the search for Carter. The statement also seemed to blame Lewis for her disappearance.

    "We are devastated at the loss of our precious Beverly. There is now a hole in our hearts that will never be filled. Mr. Lewis robbed us of an amazing wife, loving mother and grandmother. Her grandkids will never get to know the magnitude of her greatness," the statement said. "We draw some comfort in knowing that she is now in the arms of Jesus. God bless you all."

    Police haven't said how they linked Lewis to Carter or how they tracked him down, but they say Lewis left a hospital Sunday without notifying police while he was a person of interest in her disappearance.

    Suspect was in wreck

    Lewis, who was on parole, was in a traffic accident Sunday, and police arrived to find his automobile on top of a concrete culvert, according to an accident report from the sheriff's office.

    Lewis told police that a vehicle, which he couldn't describe, had run him off the road. But a witness told police that he was behind Lewis before the accident, and "Lewis was traveling at a high rate of speed prior to the crash," the report says.

    Another witness told police that "the Lewis vehicle was going 'so fast' prior to the curve and she further stated that she observed the Lewis vehicle 'fishtail' around the curve, going into the ditch," according to the report.

    Paramedics took Lewis to Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock. A deputy followed the ambulance to the hospital to issue Lewis a citation for careless driving as well as not wearing his seat belt, because there was evidence Lewis hit the windshield during the crash, the report says.

    At that time, Lewis was a person of interest in the Carter investigation, but he was not under arrest, Lt. Carl Minden said.

    "While at the hospital and undergoing tests, Mr. Lewis left the hospital. He was not under the guard of law enforcement at that time due to not having any criminal charges at that point," the lieutenant said in a statement.

    The warrant charging him with kidnapping was issued later Sunday, he said.

    Official: Agent's cellphone used

    The mysterious disappearance of the 49-year-old resonated among fellow real estate agents, who posted their fears on a Facebook page set up for sharing information about her case.

    Carter's last phone call to her husband came Thursday afternoon, telling him the address where she would be. When hours went by with no further word from her, Carl Carter says he "knew something was wrong."

    Before calling authorities, Carl Carter went to the address of the home Beverly Carter was showing and saw her brown Cadillac parked there, the sheriff's office said.

    Noticing the property was open, the husband entered and searched for his wife without success, according to the Sheriff's Office.

    There was activity on Carter's cellphone after she disappeared, Minden said. Later he explained to HLN's Nancy Grace that activity included text messages, but he declined to elaborate on the nature of the texts.

    According to her employer's website, Beverly Carter was married for 34 years and has four grandchildren.

    "I feel like I'm in a fog, or a horrible nightmare from which I can't awaken," Beverly Carter's son, also named Carl, wrote on a Facebook post before his mother's body was found.

    A Facebook page set up about Carter's disappearance was followed by more than 28,000 people as of Monday afternoon.

    Police say Lewis' Monday arrest isn't his first run-in with police. In addition to any charges he may face in Carter's disappearance and death, he has a criminal history in northwest Arkansas that includes felony theft of property, obstruction of government operations, failure to appear and unlawful removal of a theft device, Minden said in a statement.

    He's also faced charges from the Kansas City police and the Utah Department of Corrections, he said.

  • $20K of property stolen from family

    By Cassandra Sweetman, Multi-Media Journalist,
    Published On: Sep 29 2014 02:48:49 PM CDT
    Updated On: Sep 29 2014 03:31:18 PM CDT
    BRISTOL, Va. -

    Washington County, Virginia sheriff's deputies are investigating the theft of nearly $20,000 worth of property. 

    The buildings broken into early Saturday morning all belong to members of the same family. Burglars would have had to enter and exit off of the family's private road. 

    They also took the time to replace the doors and locks after taking the items.

    Altogether they made off with two 4-wheelers, chain saws, yard trimmers, a trailer, and golf clubs. 

    One of the homeowners, Roger Poe, said he and his family have been watching Craigslist and flea markets for the items with no luck. "With the tools and all it's hard to replace these days, it's some expensive items," said Poe. 

    Detectives say there is currently no connection between this theft and others in the area. Evidence collected at the scene has been sent to the lab for analysis. 

    If you have any information that might help with the investigation, contact the Washington County Sheriffs Office at (276) 676-6000.

  • Teacher charged with coming to school drunk, possessing drugs

    By News 5 Staff,
    Published On: Sep 29 2014 05:04:25 PM CDT
    09-29-14 Melissa Williams
    BULLS GAP, Tenn. -

    A teacher is out on bond after police say she was arrested for coming to school drunk with prescription drugs.

    Melissa Williams was arrested on Friday after police say she arrived at Bulls Gap School in Hawkins County drunk. Officers say witnesses said Williams had difficulty speaking with others and stumbled to her seat.

    Police say prescription pills were found in her purse at that time.

    Williams is charged with public intoxication and drug possession in a drug-free zone.

  • Arrest in Graham case gives leads in another

    By By Mariano Castillo and Eliott C. McLaughlin CNN
    Published On: Sep 29 2014 12:42:44 PM CDT
    Updated On: Sep 30 2014 09:19:58 AM CDT
    Jesse Matthew

    Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Police

    (CNN) -

    [Breaking news update, posted at 9:32 a.m. ET Tuesday]

    DNA evidence links Jesse Matthew, a suspect in this month's disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, to the death of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington, who disappeared in 2009, a law enforcement source told CNN on Monday.

    Earlier, Virginia State Police said the two cases were connected by a "forensic link" but did not elaborate.

    [Earlier version, posted at 7:39 p.m. ET Monday]

    Can arrest in Hannah Graham disappearance solve other cases?

    (CNN) -- The arrest of Jesse Matthew -- the suspect in the disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham -- has resulted in a "significant break" in the 2009 death of another young woman in the same area, police said.

    Virginia State Police say there is a "new forensic link" between the Hannah Graham case and the death of Morgan Harrington, a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student, who went missing after attending a Metallica concert in Charlottesville in October 2009. Her remains were found on a farm months later.

    Almost from the start, speculation was raised about the possibility of a connection between Graham's disappearance and Harrington's death.

    "Certainly the question has arisen. It's certainly a legitimate question," Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo told reporters last week.

    No arrests have been made in Harrington's case, and the cause of her death is still under investigation.

    The last major development in the Harrington case came in 2010, when her slaying was connected to the kidnapping and sexual assault of another woman in Fairfax Virginia, in 2005.

    That woman, who survived her ordeal, was able to provide police with enough of a description to make a sketch. That sketch is the closest thing to resolution that Harrington's family has had.

    Police at the time did not give the name of the woman who gave the description and said only that "forensic evidence" linked the two.

    The revelation that Matthew may be linked to Harrington's death, and the fact that Harrington's death is linked to the kidnapping and rape of the woman in Fairfax, raises even more questions. Police have not publicly connected the dots except to say that his arrest has given them a break in the investigation of Harrington's death. The suspect, Matthew was being held in isolation in a Virginia jail cell.

    According to CNN affiliate WUSA, there are at least two other women besides Graham and Harrington who have disappeared from the same area since 2009. Alexis Murphy, 17, of Lovingston, and Samantha Clarke, 19, of Orange also went missing there.

    In July, Randy Taylor, 43, was sentenced to two life terms for Murphy's 2013 abduction and murder, although her body was never found, WVIR reported.

    "If you look at the map and place the many missing or murdered young women in our area, it is a startling graphic," Harrington's mother, Gil Harrington, told CNN last week. "I mean it`s a scatter pattern of loss. And either it`s a cluster phenomena or to me -- to my eyes it`s not unlikely that some of it, at least, is attributable to one top-tier predator."

    Harrington didn't cite specific evidence for why she believes that at least some of the crimes might be the work of one person, but said she believes that solving the disappearance of Graham is key to unraveling the mysteries.

    "Hannah is paramount right now. Her case is acute," Gil Harrington said.

    Authorities took Matthew to Charlottesville, Virginia, on Friday after he agreed not to fight extradition from Texas, where he had been taken into custody after police obtained a warrant for his arrest on Tuesday.

    Investigators think he was the last person with Graham. He is charged with abduction with the intent to defile in the case, according to Charlottesville police.

    Graham was last seen September 13 in an area of Charlottesville known as the Downtown Mall. Police have asked owners of large parcels of property in surrounding counties to search their land and report back.

    Authorities are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the safe return of the 18-year-old, a second-year student at the university.

    Matthew's father has said his son is not the type to hurt anyone.

    "For a big man, he's as gentle as they come," Jesse Matthew Sr. told CNN affiliate WTVR. "The only thing I could see, him, maybe trying to give the girl a ride or help her out."

    "To kill or hurt somebody, that's not my son."

    Authorities found Matthew on a Galveston County beach after deputies got a call about a suspicious person camping there. A license plate check revealed he was wanted, CNN affiliate KPRC reported.

    Matthew did not resist arrest, police said.

    Mike Rodenberg, a vacationer who was fishing near the campsite when Matthew was arrested, said Matthew asked about why he was throwing some of his catch back.

    "He seemed real nice. He was real soft-spoken," Rodenberg said. "(He) said he was down here from New Jersey and was looking for a job. I told him if I caught another redfish he could have it."

    In addition to Graham's disappearance, Matthew also has been questioned in connection with an alleged sexual assault nearly 12 years ago.

    According to a statement from Lynchburg police, a woman reported she was raped on the campus of Liberty University on October 17, 2002. Matthew was a student there for three years and played on the football team.

    However, no charges were filed because the woman didn't want to go forward with the case, and investigators determined there wasn't enough evidence to arrest Matthew, said Michael Doucette, the commonwealth's attorney for Lynchburg.

    Matthew told authorities that the woman consented, Doucette said, adding that there were no witnesses.

  • Hospitals ask patients to pay upfront

    By By Tami Luhby
    Published On: Sep 29 2014 07:40:53 AM CDT
    Updated On: Sep 29 2014 05:22:42 PM CDT
    Operating room, hospital

    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -

    Get ready to whip out your credit card before you are wheeled into the operating room or undergo an MRI.

    Hospitals are increasingly asking patients to pay for procedures either upfront or before they are discharged. That's because Americans are shouldering a greater portion of their health care bills, and medical centers don't want to get stuck with patients that can't pay.

    Traditionally, neither patients nor providers knew the exact price of procedures until after the insurer processed the charges. Now, however, new technology is allowing hospitals to determine the patient's responsibility in advance of treatment.

    Starting the cost conversation early is especially important now because patients are facing higher deductibles and larger payments for services. Some are surprised to find out that they have to fork over thousands of dollars before their insurance even kicks in, hospital administrators said.

    The policies available on the Affordable Care Act exchanges are hastening this trend. Many enrollees are opting for the bronze and silver plans, which often carry deductibles upwards of $5,000 and $2,000, respectively.

    "The bronze plans are scaring a lot of administrators because the patient liability is so large," said Debra Lowe, administrative director of revenue cycle at Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center. "Patients are unaware they have this high deductible."

    Upfront payments aren't usually required, but more hospitals are asking patients to settle the bill in advance. If patients can't afford the charges, some hospitals place them into financial assistance programs, such as payment plans or low-interest loans. Others help them sign up for Medicaid or individual coverage on the ACA exchanges. Patients can still opt to wait until after the bill goes through their insurance.

    "We are trying to minimize the after-service bill shock and get them into financial assistance or some other program for more affordable care," said Andy Scianimanico, vice president for revenue cycle at Northwestern Memorial HealthCare, the parent company of Chicago's largest hospital.

    Northwestern started upfront financial counseling with patients in 2011 and has now expanded it to four departments, including surgery and imaging. It plans to implement it in all areas of the four-hospital network over the next two years.

    Soaring deductibles have prompted hospitals to be more aggressive about collecting in advance. The average deductible for an individual employer-sponsored policy has soared to $1,217, up 47 percent from five years ago, according to the 2014 Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research & Educational Trust report. For family policies, deductibles have soared 31 percent to $1,947.

    Deductibles of $5,000 are the most common amount seen at Wexner Medical Center, said Lowe. It started requesting upfront payments in July and hopes to collect 75 percent of the charges ahead of time.

    Settling the bill upfront also helps improve hospitals' profitability, said David E. Williams, president of Health Business Group, a consulting firm for the healthcare industry. Providers are at least twice as likely to receive payment if they ask for it in advance. Also, chasing after patients who haven't paid their bills is very costly.

    Hospitals provided $46 billion in uncompensated care in 2012, or 6.1 percent of their total expenses, according to the American Hospital Association.

  • Cantrell and three kids found in West Virginia

    By Stephanie Santostasi,
    Published On: Sep 27 2014 12:37:50 PM CDT
    Updated On: Sep 28 2014 11:22:07 AM CDT
    WISE COUNTY, Va. -

    ***UPDATE:  We have new facts regarding the case of Lisa Cantrell and her three children, after speaking with the Wise County Sheriff's Office late Sunday morning. 

    The children's father has full custody of the three kids.  Lisa Cantrell is being charged with criminal abduction/kidnapping.  Early on in the investigation, there were facts that lead the investigators and family to believe that the safety of the mother and her three children were in jeopardy.***

    Lisa Cantrell and her three children have been found in West Virginia, according to the Wise County Sheriff's office. The children are safe and family members are on their way to get them. Lisa Cantrell is in jail and faces criminal charges of kidnapping.

    Yesterday, we brought your attention to this story unraveling out of Wise County, Virginia.  We received word earlier Saturday morning that the Wise County Sheriff's Office was seeking information on the whereabouts of Lisa Cantrell and her three young children.  Cantrell and the three kids (17 year old James, 12 year old Lexi-Ann, and 9 year old Victoria) are from Pound, Virginia and it was believed that this is a possible parental abduction.

    After nearly twenty-four hours of investigation, the search is over.

    The Wise County Sheriff's Office would like to thank those who provided useful information towards this case. 

    We will continue to bring you the latest developments as they become available.

  • Kingsport Police searching for suspect in motel robbery

    By News 5 Staff,
    Published On: Sep 29 2014 02:23:25 PM CDT
    Travis K Nelms Jr

    Travis K Nelms, Jr.

    KINGSPORT, Tenn. -

    Kingsport Police say a man went to a local motel expecting a romantic encounter and instead became the victim of a robbery.

    Two people are accused of conspiring to commit an armed robbery, and police are still looking for one of them.

    Mariah Holt and Travis Nelms, Jr. are charged following an investigation by police. Holt is accused of asking the victim to meet her Saturday evening at a local motel. When he arrived, police say it was Nelms waiting on the victim with a gun.

    Nelms ordered the victim to remove his clothes and took his phone.

    The victim was able to escape without his clothing.

    Holt was arrested, but officers are still looking for Nelms. If you know where he may be, you're asked to call Kingsport Police at (423) 229-9429.

  • A Change of Seasons

  • ETSU holds first football scrimmage

    An estimated 3,000 fans showed up to watch ETSU football hold their first scrimmage in over a decade.