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  • Shooting reported at Johnson City medical building

    By Preston Ayres,
    Published On: Sep 02 2014 10:35:16 AM CDT
    Updated On: Sep 02 2014 11:05:46 AM CDT
    JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. -

    Johnson City Police are investigating a shooting on West Market Street.

    Dispatchers tell us the call came in around 10:40 Tuesday morning.

    We're told shots were fired at 2811 West Market Street. The building houses a pharmacy, medical supply company, and a doctor's office.

    We are working to learn more about the shooting and will update the story throughout the afternoon.

  • More than 30 teens escape from TN detention center

    Published On: Sep 02 2014 05:55:39 AM CDT
    Updated On: Sep 02 2014 06:50:17 AM CDT
    Nashville Teen Escape

    Courtesy WSMV

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. -

    A spokesman says more than 30 teens escaped from a Nashville youth detention center and 17 are still being sought.

    Tennessee Department of Children's Services spokesman Rob Johnson says 32 teens - ages 14 to 19 - escaped around 11 p.m. Monday by crawling under a weak spot in a fence that surrounded a yard there.

    Johnson says two teens were recaptured right away and others were found overnight. Local police and the Tennessee Highway Patrol are taking part in the search for the teens still at large.

    Johnson says the teens being kept at the detention center have committed at least three felonies. He said he didn't know if the escape was planned or spontaneous.

  • Kraft Cheese recalled due to early spoiling risk

    By News 5 Staff,
    Published On: Sep 01 2014 04:21:38 PM CDT

    If you're throwing burgers on the grill for dinner on Labor Day, you may want to check your cheese before you chow down.

    Kraft Foods issued a recall of more than 7,000 cases of its 'American Singles' cheese product.

    Kraft says the cheese was not stored properly; it may spoil prematurely or cause a food borne illness.

    The recalled products come in four varieties with 'best by' dates of February 20 and February 21, 2015.

    If you have this cheese, it can be returned to the store for a refund or exchange.

  • Travelers may see delays on Interstate 81

    By Kristen Quon, Producer/Reporter,
    Published On: Sep 01 2014 10:06:40 PM CDT

    People traveling south on Interstate 81 could see some delays starting tomorrow.

    The Virginia Department of Transportation tells us there will be a lane closed overnight at mile marker 3.58.

    One southbound lane will be closed from 7 p.m. until 6 a.m. starting tomorrow.

    VDOT says the lane closures will continue until the work is finished.

    We're told crews are doing work on a bridge.

  • Man arrested for threatening a school on social media

    By Kristen Quon, Producer/Reporter,
    Published On: Sep 01 2014 09:24:53 PM CDT
    Updated On: Sep 01 2014 09:38:19 PM CDT

    A man has been arrested in Unicoi county for threatening a school on a social networking app.

    Unicoi county sheriff Mike Hensley tells us someone posted on the app "Street Chat", saying that students would be killed at a unicoi county school.

    The sheriff's department has arrested a man who they believe is connected to the post.

    Hensley said Unicoi county schools are safe and school will go on as planned tomorrow.

  • For Every Fog In August...

    By Chris Michaels,
    Published On: Sep 01 2014 04:59:26 PM CDT
    Updated On: Sep 01 2014 05:05:08 PM CDT

    Photo courtesy of Candice Yates in Powell Valley.

    There's a saying I have learned since moving here.  While I cannot exactly quote it, it goes along the lines of saying that for every fog in August, comes a snowfall in the winter.

    Fog, for one thing, is a very common occurrence around here.  We have lakes, which can contribute to moisture.  Given a stable environment, moist air coming off of the lake can stick around and hang out in the low levels of the atmosphere. 

    We also have mountains and valleys.  As I mentioned in "The Fog Blog," air can rush into the valley during the night and cool in the process to a point of saturation.  It can then condense to form cloud droplets.  In a stable atmosphere, that air will just stay in the valleys...valley fog.  That is exactly what you see in the picture above.

    Does that have anything to do with snow? 

    Here's where I start the number-crunching madness!  While I cannot take records from every location for every year on record, I did go through some coded observations (called METAR) from the Tri-Cities Regional Airport.  Some locations may have seen more foggy days, others may not have.  Again, it depends on your location and the atmospheric conditions at play.

    In the table below, dense fogs account for times when fog was in the area and visibility was less than a quarter of a mile.  Snow days are defined by days where snowfall was greater than a tenth of an inch.   



    Dense Fogs

    Snow Days









































    What does this tell us?  It tells us that the folklore is just that...folklore.  If we were to take the sum of these numbers, it would mean that for every fog in August, you see 2.38 snowfalls.  Meanwhile there are years like 2009 where there were four dense fogs followed by 23 snow days.  Then, there are years like this past one where there were six dense fogs followed by nine snow days.  Clearly, nothing is concrete.  Welcome to weather!

    But hey, I said it last week and I will say it again.  All four of us here are meteorologists, and we, like all scientists, rely on the scientific method.  The main principle of that method is to do everything in your power to disprove your initial hypothesis.  Not so scientific, right?  Do the research, and try to make your best inference.

    So, is there any scientific reasoning in this? 

    I honestly cannot think of anything that would give us a defined relationship between fog during one month and snow in the following season.  Fog is such a small scale and common occurrence around here, that using it to predict large scale wintry precipitation isn't appropriate.

    Who am I to ruin the fun, right?  I enjoy folklore as much as the next person.  Just like I won't stop you from reading the Farmers' Almanac, I won't stop you from talking about weather folklore.

    For those asking for science, here is something that will provide food for thought about this upcoming winter.  NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FORECAST, JUST THOUGHT-PROCESSING.

    Like last tropical season, this one to date has not been very active.  The atmosphere needs to transport sufficient heat between the equator and the poles.  It does so, in part, by large-scale weather systems.  Being that there haven't been many tropical storms yet, will the atmosphere need to compensate for the lack of heat transport by triggering more of these weather systems in the mid-latitude during the winter months?  We are currently in the thick of tropical season, so a lot can change.  For now, it is only food for thought.

    ---Meteorologist Chris Michaels---

    Facebook: Chris Michaels WCYB

    Twitter: @WCYB_Michaels


  • Read the latest StormTrack 5 Forecast

    Published On: Feb 27 2013 05:28:32 PM CST
    Updated On: Sep 02 2014 10:13:56 AM CDT
    StormTrack 5 Team




    This Afternoon: Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Highs 87-92. Winds west 5-10 mph.

    Tonight: Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Lows 62-67. Winds southwest 5 mph.

    Wednesday: Partly cloudy, afternoon showers and storms. Highs 85-90. Winds northwest 5-10 mph.

    Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy, evening showers. Lows 58-63. Winds calm.

    Weather Summary:

    We are tracking a cold front in the StormTrack 5 Weather Center. This front will drift toward the Tri-Cities this afternoon and bring a pretty good shot at showers and thunderstorms late this afternoon into the evening.  The Storm Prediction Center has issued a Slight Risk for severe weather for parts of our Kentucky counties, as well as northwestern Dickenson and Buchanan counties in Virginia.  Any scattered showers and thunderstorms that do develop could contain strong, potentially damaging winds, heavy downpours and frequent cloud-to-ground lightning.

    Tonight we have a 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, as the aforementioned cold front continues to slowly move through the viewing area.

    StormTrack 5 Meteorologists are tracking a high pressure system off the Atlantic coast that will nudge back into the region. This will keep the warm and humid air from the Gulf of Mexico moving into our area Wednesday through Friday. The chances are only at 30 percent, mainly due to afternoon heating and humidity.

    A cold front will settle south from a storm system in the Great Lakes heading into the weekend. That will moving through the area, providing us with a better chance of showers and storms as we make our way into the weekend. Saturday has a 40 percent chance and 30 to 40 percent chance on Sunday with a strong storm or two possible. Any of these storms could again contain frequent cloud-to-ground lightning, strong winds, and heavy downpours.

    Monday comes as a relief, as it will be a little cooler and drier behind the front with partly cloudy skies.

    Highs will be in the mid to upper 80s this afternoon through Sunday and low 80s on Monday. Lows will be in the low to mid 60s tonight through Monday night.

    You can always get the latest forecast and weather information on News 5 WCYB, and on the StormTrack 5 weather app.

    *Tropics Update:  We are tracking Tropical Storm Dolly, which is poised to make landfall on the eastern Mexican coast late tonight into early tomorrow.  This is no threat to US soil, but could make for dangerous flooding and mudslides along Mexico's higher terrain.*
    Our normal high is 83°, low 60°.

    Meteorologist Donnie Cox

  • Legal grant money given by Virginia commission raising eyebrows

    By Kristen Quon, Producer/Reporter,
    Published On: Sep 01 2014 10:35:34 PM CDT
    Tobacco crop

    Jeremy Harlan/CNN

    Some legal grant money given out by a Virginia commission is raising some eyebrows.

    The Virginia Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission is chaired by delegate Terry Kilgore of Southwest Virginia.

    The commission controls 600 million dollars in cash and investments from a tobacco settlement.

    Now a review by the Associated Press has found that Kilgore gave 21 million to an economic development group and a telephone cooperative run by his family members.

    Delegate Kilgore says his family relationships have not influenced the commission's spending.

    The commission has long been under scrutiny, and is part of an FBI investigation into the sudden resignation of Democratic State Senator Philip Puckett.

  • Woman impaled in buttocks after texting while driving

    A woman in Colorado was impaled in the buttocks while texting and driving.

  • Jilted groom donates reception to charity

    He could have wallowed in grief, but a jilted groom in Pittsburgh donated his reception to charity instead.

  • Fight ramps up to allow 'bless you' in school

    Activist groups are getting behind a Tenneessee girl's right to say "bless you" in school after she was suspended.

  • 8-year-old girl helps save capsized boat victims

    An 8-year-old girl and her father hear boaters' cries for help from their capsized boat.

  • Caught on camera: Store owner fights off robbers

    A store owner in Connecticut fights off armed robbers, and the whole thing is caught on camera.

  • Students forced to sit in hot bus as punishment

    A school bus driver in Ohio resigns after forcing students to sit in a hot bus as punishment for being "rowdy."

  • Local law enforcement agencies keeping roads safe over holiday weekend

  • Sharks near surfers? Shadows spotted at Fla. beach

    Dragon-Con costumes, scary shadows near Florida surfers and sculptures made of sand -- it's all in today's Take a Look at This!