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Current conditions from TDOT

Published On: Mar 06 2013 07:22:02 AM EST   Updated On: Mar 07 2013 03:34:21 PM EST

District  11    

JOHNSON-  Moderate  Snow. Roads snow covered. Temps low 20’s. Crews treating roads.

UNICOI  -   Snow. Sam’s gap I-26 in good shape, few slick spots. Temp upper 20’s

CARTER-    Snow. Roads good lower elevations slushy in higher elevations. Temps upper 20’s

WASHINGTON- Light snow. Roads wet. Temps upper 20’s

 SULLIVAN-   Light  snow. Roads wet. Temps upper 20’s.

District 12          Flurries or Snow showers falling in all counties. No  problems to report at this time. Temp upper 20’s


HAMBLEN –     

HANCOCK   -        

District 13        

COCKE -  Flurries. Roads wet. Temps low 30’s

JEFFERSON –  No precipitation. Roads wet. Temps low 30’s

GREENE –  No precipitation. Roads wet. Temps low 30’s.


District 14        

 CAMPBELL- Snow. Roads wet. Temps upper 20’s

CLAIBORNE - Snow. Roads wet. Temps upper 20’s                    

 SCOTT - Flurries. Roads wet. Temps low 20’s’s

UNION - Snow. Roads Wet. Temps high 20’s

ANDERSON - Flurries. Roads wet. Temps mid 30’s

District 15   

INTERSTATES 1-40, I-140, I-275, I-640,  I-75 are wet. Traffic moving no problems

KNOX - Light Snow. Roads wet. Slick spots. Temps low 30’s

BLOUNT - Light Snow. SR 115 seq 1 snow covered. All other routes clear. Temps low 30’s

 SEVIER - Light Snow. SR 73 log mile 0.0 to 1.0 and 23.0 to 26.0. Patches of snow and ice. All other roads clear and wet. Temps low 30’s

District 16         

LOUDON - Flurries. Roads wet. Temps mid 30’s. Crews have treated.

MONROE -  Light  Snow.  Roads wet. Temps low 30’s. SR 165 (mountain) Cherhala Parkway above  15 log mile to NC line.

MORGAN - Light Snow. 1 inch. Crews treating. Temps low30’s.     

ROANE - FLURRIES. Few icy spots. Temps low 30’s.