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Road crews spend weekend working around the clock salting and plowing

By Laura Halm
Published On: Feb 03 2013 04:38:51 PM CST

Three weekends in a row crews have been busy salting and plowing snow dumped on the Tri-Cities. While roads this weekend finally seem clear, crews are still keeping a close-eye on slick spots.

Slick, slippery, or snow-covered, you name a problem caused by winter weather and road crews are out solving it this weekend. "We try to push the snow off, keep it cut down as best we can, then we put a little bit of salt on it too. It keeps it melting underneath, "said David Lewis with the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Around the clock shift for crews with TDOT. "We've got all of our trucks and all of our vehicles out there," added Lewis.

Clearing thousands of miles of road in all the counties in East Tennessee. Lewis says even if the roads are clear in some locations, other spots like higher elevations could still have some problems. "We'll still have trucks out and about but we can't be in every place at once and there could be a slick spot here and there. Just be real careful about black ice," said Lewis.

News 5 learned TDOT crews also rely on help from the Tennessee Highway Patrol with alerts about slick spots. "Sometimes when the road freezes, it's hard to see so people aren't anticipating it or they don't expect it," said Lieutenant Jarrett Ramsey.

Lieutenant Ramsey says there haven't been too many accidents this weekend. But drivers need to remember with the bad conditions to move over if they see emergency lights up ahead because of an accident, "A lot of times that vehicle may have hit an icy spot in the road and wrecked, and that's why we're there. We want to make sure everyone slows down, moves over, and tries to be careful. We don't want another accident."

News 5 checked with VDOT crews, currently all of the primary roads are clear and crews are busy cleaning back-roads of ice and snow.

If you would like to check road conditions before leaving home you can visit these sites: